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Need your help + a preview of what we're building!

We're working on something! Answer some questions, get a preview!
Need your help + a preview of what we're building!
Photo by Manos Gkikas / Unsplash. Mmmm.. curtains are delicious snacks.

So ... this escalated quickly.

I've found a co-founder, we've started a company, and there's an idea we're working on that's ... really great!

Many of you won't be shocked to know that it's in the mental health space, given my personal story there and how I've been building mental health stuff for a while. I've never gone into full business mode with it though 'cause I couldn't quite figure out what that would look like. Until now.

But before I write about it at-length (that's coming) we need your help:

👉 We'd like to kindly request you fill out this survey: https://tally.so/r/3NrMa0

It doesn't matter if you've ever thought about your own mental health before, we want your opinion. As a bonus, when you've submitted the survey, you'll get a preview of what we're working on.

Of course you could just wait – I'm sure I'll be posting it about here a lot in the coming months/years/maybe-even-decades. But you know, 🐈🚌. (In my head the curiosity got the cat run over by a bus but I've never been too certain about that.)

So, yeah, fill the survey, peep the preview, then if you wanted you could even send the survey around to friends, co-workers, tell your mail carrier about it, etc. And even if not, say hello to your mail carrier person. They work hard, y'know?

(Also I missed my post last week and still have a ton of responses from the last post to respond to, and I will, but I got the stupid Covid thing and it's really stupid!)