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It's time to build stuff and chew bubble gum again.
Photo by Hanxiao / Unsplash. Some soup for you.

So my therapist says I need more venues to express my thoughts and ideas.

My therapist also says I can’t rely on the same group of people if what I’m seeking are new answers.

My therapist would also say, “Hey! I don’t exist! Get a real therapist instead of relying on the voice in your head!”

(Have you ever tried to find a good therapist? Easier said than paid for.)

This'll be the worst streaming service for the price but also not a streaming service at all

So I pulled my old site out of the grave, stripped it bare, re-named it Angus+ cause that seems to be the naming trend these days, and now it's time to build stuff and write about it.

It's free to sub, and even at that price it'll baaaarely be worth it.

Are we all feeling a little emptier now?

I find myself kinda ... restless?

Maybe that’s just what we can all expect towards middle age. Or maybe it has something to do with that whole virus thing everyone keeps on about. Hard to say. Life just feels a little duller. Like a meal eaten too many times. Or the path you’ve walked almost every day for the past 3 years just to have somewhere to go.

That doesn’t mean that we have to sit here and take it. But as Old Macdonald found out, you can’t spell reinvention without e-i-e-i-o.

I want something to tackle. A problem, a skill, a … something. To go back to the meal metaphor, I want something meaty.

I've sorta been one foot out of the internet tech world for a bit because I feel like a lot of the internet just ... hurts people. So much of it is purely designed to manipulate and take money. Data harvesting, dark patterns, attention-maximizing algorithms, etc. Honestly. It’d be more honourable to work in the violent murder department of an organization that has multiple murder departments than work in some of these companies.

But what is actually wrong and can it be fixed?

New ideas are needed

When I took my first stab at creating a company, my partner and I sat down with a whiteboard and some 🥃 to discuss business ideas. We wanted to fix something, so we talked about all the things that we felt were wrong with the internet at the time. Oh boy how that list has grown.

Surely you can fix some of these problems, push the internet forward in a way that actually helps people, and still make money ... right? Right? Let’s explore that.

And that’s why we’re here.

What you can expect here

I wanna look at some of the problems with the internet and how we use it. Can they be fixed. How would they be fixed? Expect lots of hypotheticals and weird business ideas. Expect pie-in-the-sky idealism. Expect me to spend a whole day thinking about actual pies in the actual sky and how bloody terrifying that would be.

Then maybe we’ll create some stuff and do some dev diary things.