A living, incomplete list of the projects I'm currently working on. To what extent I'm working on them is ever-changing. But they all have active sub-folders in my /projects/ folder, so that's something.
Photo by Jay Wennington / Unsplash. I build most of my projects on a yellow iMac just like this one. I don't work with my computer at an angle though, that looks so uncomfortable.

Update April 2024: I've sorted them into a few categories.


  • Watched, A Media Logger For Shows and Movies. Inspired by my quick-and-dirty app in this post, I think there're more possibilities here. Curation service, maybe. Website embeds. Canada-specific streaming service data. A social thing with group watch nights. I'm not sure exactly what this will be, if anything. Just poking at the idea. See my Watched page here.
  • What Why Steps, A Todo App For Those With ADHD And ADHD-Like Traits. A proof of concept / beta is live now, try it out. I'm testing it with my own projects and collecting feedback before deciding what to do with it next.
  • Untitled Novel Project, A Light-Sci-Fi Mystery Novel. First draft completed, currently working on revisions. It's 'light' sci-fi in that it vaguely related to space and such but that's not the core thing. It just happens to happen in a setting related to that. It's more about the mystery and figuring out life in your 40s. I'll add a proper synopsis after the next revision.
  • Food Board, My Personal Recipe Trello Board. This is very outdated now, and I've changed up my diet once again in 2024. Needs a full overhaul, but still has plenty of recipes that I used to know.

Back burner

  • Untitled "AI" Website Maker. Can we take any ol' input and use intelligence to make sure the result is a beautiful website? Don't get too excited, there's limited use of generative AI in here, though it does have a small place. The real magic is in the other types of AI combined with tight human design control. Status: built a POC/MVP. It's very complex though so I'm not sure I can tackle it as a solo dev side project. I may have to drastically cut scope and see if there's a much simpler product in there.


  • Grapefruit, Consumer Mental Health App. A really customizable, but simple, mental health tool. Great for journalling, tracking mood and emotions, and doing some pattern analysis. As of 2024, it's shut down.
  • Money Is Hard, An Un-Boring'ed Personal Finance Guide For Canadians. Personal finance writing is pretty dull. But the basics aren't that complicated. This is a guide, presented as a series of Q&As, as if you were talking to a friend. Written by self-taught non-experts for that extra down-to-earth flavor. Feedback was positive, so there's something here, but never got it out of the draft stage.

Last updated April 2024.