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I'm looking for bad ideas for tiny websites and/or apps

It's time to build stuff. I've been poking at no-code / low-code tools and need some ideas to prototype. Got any of dem?
I'm looking for bad ideas for tiny websites and/or apps
Cookie hammer!! Photo by Theo Crazzolara / Unsplash

That is, I should say, bad business ideas. They could be fine app / sites by themselves. Maybe they're just very small or have a very niche audience. Whatever the reason, they serve a purpose for someone. They'd just not be enough to build a business around.

Why build something that isn't a business when the whole point of this site was to build a business? Astute question, reader person. For skill sharpening, mostly.

I've been digging into the no-code / low-code world this week and though I've played with a number of the tools before, I've never really tried to build a whole thing.

I want to get some small sense if there's really a future where these things take over the development world, or if you'll always have to break out the code. (That is, should the machines of the future help us write code, or help us avoid seeing it at all?)

So I thought I'd try to build a few small things in a few of the tools that look interesting to me for whatever reason (see below for list). My instinct says it's still much harder to get a polished result than the glossy marketing pages would have you believe.

On the other hand, they could be great "back pocket" tools to have once you know their limitations and strengths.

Anyway, I have a few ideas myself but I've thought about them so much over the years that they're kinda old and stale in my head. It would be great if I had something new and weird to build.

That's where you come in. Everyone has an idea (or six) that they've thought about and dismissed for some reason. I'd love to hear it. Maybe I'll take a piece of it or smash it together with one of mine. I'm probably not going to publish any of these, but live demos might be possible.

So if you've got any idea that you'd like to share, even if it's only a faint whisper of an idea, just send me a message on LinkedIn or at info @ this site domain. Merci!

A few of the tools I might use:

Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code
Discover the future of software development with Bubble, a no-code platform used to build SaaS tools, marketplaces, CRMs, & more — hosted securely in the cloud.
Framer — The internet is your canvas
Framer is where teams design and publish stunning sites.
FlutterFlow - Build beautiful, modern apps incredibly fast
FlutterFlow lets you build apps incredibly fast in your browser. Build fully functional apps with Firebase integration, API support, animations, and more. Export your code or even easier deploy directly to the app stores!
Create a Website for Free. Tilda Website Builder
Create a website, online store, landing page with Tilda intuitive website builder. Build your site from hundreds of pre-designed templates and publish it today. No code required.
BuildShip | Visual Low-code Backend Builder
Low-code visual way to build your app’s backend workflows, APIs, scheduled jobs, cloud functions - powered by AI. Combines the best of no code and code.

If you have any suggestions for other no or low code tools that are worth checking out, send those over as well.